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Our office has been providing legal services for over 28 years. During this time, we have managed to gain an inexhaustible amount of experience in all areas of law. We have expanded both the territorial scope and the number of employees. Our offices are located in Brno and Ostrava.

Do not leave your problems for tomorrow, let’s solve them together today. Call us on weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM or write to us at any time and we will schedule an appointment.

Protection of personal information

Is the good night sleep avoiding you because of those thousands of consents, safe-boxes and exorbitant fines? We will be happy to calm you down and show you that fulfilling your legal obligations does not have to be a nightmare.

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Commercial and tax law

Small entrepreneurs or large enterprises, we help everyone to spin the wheels of capitalism. Contractual, corporate, registry, company law. We have it all down to a fine art.

We know tax regulations, we know tax advisors, we know accountants, we optimize.

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What can we do for you?

Each member of our team is here to play their own part. Every one of us can do something, together we can do everything. That is why we trust in specialization of every employee. We reject a model of everyone being able to do just a little bit of everything. Our foundation is based on everyone being perfect in a few things. We keep up with reality and if necessary, we know how to distinguish law in theory from law in action.

To meet every possible standard, we build and maintain intensive partnerships with external specialists from many fields, such as taxes, accounting and forensic expert practice.

Take a look at the specific areas of law that we master. Or write to us directly. We will find out how we can help to solve your problem.

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Civil and family law

Contracts, claim enforcement, damages, harm. We come into contact with all of these on a daily basis. Do you know what a perfect contract looks like? Our clients do.

Family law can please, family law can hurt. We know how fragile relationships between people can be. We have the experience and roughness, we have the emotions and empathy. We stand our ground and make no false moves.

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Real estate law

We will oversee the smooth transfer of real estate so that the buyer, seller, land registry and even the revenue authority are satisfied. We have a lot of experience with everything.

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Insolvency proceedings and debt relief

Do you have debts and lack money? Do you have receivables and it is the debtor who lacks money or may be lacking money in the foreseeable future? No need to panic. All you have to do is to contact us.

Have you had the party of your life and do not know how to get out of it? We have a better solution for you than hide your head in the sand. We will direct you to your new life without debt. All we need is a little cooperation.

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Criminal and administrative law

We understand and love criminal law. We are not judges, we are defense attorneys. We will provide the necessary support to everyone and at every stage of criminal proceedings.

Administrative Code, Code of Administrative Justice, Building Act, offences, Inspection Code, free access to information and thousands of other regulations. Aren’t you familiar with them? We are. We love challenges.

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Intellectual property law

Are you an inventor? A researcher? Your hard work is worth protecting. Your trade secret and know-how as well. We will help you to gain the absolute control over the use of your intellectual property.

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Labour law

We are here for employers and employees. We save time, money and nerves of both.

In the Czech Republic, 65-70% actions for nullity of termination of employment relationship end with the success of the employee. We know this as we helped to create that number.

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  • Protection of personal information
  • Commercial and tax law
  • What can we do for you?
  • Civil and family law
  • Real estate law
  • Insolvency proceedings and debt relief
  • Criminal and administrative law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Labour law

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Current successes and cases of our law firm.

14. February 2023

New member of the OYERS team

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